Illipress Online Privacy Policy

Illipress helps publishers connect their audience with content & advertising.

We do that by enabling content & advertising tailored to the audiences of Publishers, which in turns means that eventually end users may receive advertising that may be of interest to them on the media served by Illipress Publishers.

How do our services work?

Illipress does not use directly any data that allows us to identify you directly, such as your first and last name, postal address, email address in plain text, etc.

When you browse an Advertiser's website or mobile application that uses our technologies, that technology allows us to collect a limited amount of data relating to your browsing, such as the content you have viewed. This navigation data is linked to a unique identifier, namely an identification cookie or any other similar technology (such as mobile advertising identifiers and non-cookie technologies) depending on your navigation environment. We match this information with the information we have from companies who partner with Shopping sites.

The advertising you see from our partners when using our technology is based on our recommendation algorithms.

Please note that the use of our technologies on our partners’ websites, push notice ,newsletter, mobile applications is governed by their privacy policies, which can be accessed directly from their websites and/or mobile applications. We require them to provide you with complete and appropriate information and, to the extent required by law, to obtain your consent before any of your personal information is available to us.

In order to provide you with ads that are better tailored to your interests, we may receive and process audience and segments information derived from the data you accepted to share with trusted third party partners. These partners may send us information regarding your shopping habits (e.g. interested in clothing, furniture or electronics), the points of interest that are near you based on non-precise geolocation information (e.g. stores that are geographically close to you) or the products you have been purchasing in a brick and mortar store of the advertisers that are using our services to manage their online marketing campaigns.

What rules do we apply

Privacy by design

Data minimization

We undertake never to use any data that allows us to identify you directly, such as your first and last name, postal address, email address in plain text, etc. Without ever being able to identify you personally, our technologies are able to recognize your devices and/or browsers on the basis of an identifier consisting of a series of characters (identifier contained in a cookie or other). However, these data are qualified as personal data by European regulations and personal information by Californian law. As such, they are the subject of our greatest vigilance in terms of security and respect for your privacy.